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Boiler Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement

Boiler Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement

Boiler maintenance needs different treatments depending on the age of the boiler. When youthful, newly fitted boilers require little more than basic servicing. A more mature boiler may demand a range of repairs. At some point, a boiler will be so old and inefficient that it’s time to say goodbye and replace it with a newer model.

Read on to discover the importance of boiler maintenance, repairs, and replacement, as well as learn to recognize the signs that your boiler may require one or more of these services.

Boiler Maintenance

In the same way that a furnace needs regular cleaning and maintenance, we recommend that a boiler is serviced annually, ideally before the cold weather sets in. Even a new boiler requires servicing after a year. In fact, it’s often a condition of the warranty that a regular service is completed.

Servicing ensures that your boiler continues performing optimally, delivering the best fuel efficiency. Poorly maintained parts can strain a boiler, potentially causing a breakdown and an expensive repair.

What Maintenance Does a Boiler Need?

Boiler maintenance includes a full inspection to check for signs of wear or deterioration. In addition, a skilled boiler technician will perform tasks such as:

  • Cleaning or replacing the burner and heat exchanger if necessary.
  • Performing a pressure check to ensure optimal performance.
  • Inspection of the pipework and seals to ensure there aren’t any leaks.
  • Testing the expansion vessel.
  • Checking for signs of leakage or residue build-up.
  • Listening for any signs that the boiler isn’t working as it should.
  • Testing the ignition process for safety and efficiency.
  • Testing the thermostat.
  • Offering advice and guidance on relevant aspects of boiler use, as well as providing a professional opinion on the overall condition of your boiler and any work it’s likely to need in the future.

Depending on the water quality in your local area, your boiler service expert may also suggest hydronic system flushing or hydronic chemical maintenance.

Boiler Repair

Is your system showing the tell-tale signs that indicate a boiler repair is needed? Symptoms such as insufficient heat, working intermittently, strange noises, and leaks indicate the need for a fast, effective repair. Unfortunately, boiler problems rarely fix themselves – if anything, they’re likely to worsen the longer professional intervention is delayed.

Professional and timely repairs can:

  • Avoid the need for larger, more costly repairs.
  • Prolong the life of your boiler.
  • Optimize fuel efficiency, helping to keep your energy bills lower.
  • Reduce the risk of total failure further down the line.
  • Ensure your boiler remains in safe operating condition.

Note that repairs to gas boilers require a tradesman trained in gas fitting and plumbing. Never use an unlicensed individual to fix a gas boiler. A boiler powered by electricity may need to be repaired by an electrician or require a plumbing expert, depending on the nature of the problem.

Boiler Replacement

Boilers are usually replaced for one of two reasons; either the boiler requires so many repairs to keep it working that it’s no longer cost-effective to do so, or a boiler upgrade will deliver energy savings or superior performance.

If your boiler is showing signs that it needs replacing, or a professional has indicated it’s time for an upgrade, it is probably right to consider a new boiler.

How Long Do Boilers Last?

Generally, most domestic boilers last between 10 and 20 years. Factors such as the level of usage, property size, servicing, and the temperature required may all influence the boiler’s lifespan.

Professional Boiler Services in Calgary

Your local heating expert at Arpi’s can talk you through the various boiler options on the market and make appropriate product recommendations tailored to suit your circumstances. A wide selection of boilers is available, including combi boilers and options for radiant heating or in-floor heating.

Contact Arpi’s to discover how much a new boiler will cost, how to save money on your boiler installation, and which boiler brand is best suited for your property. Our professional and friendly team looks forward to servicing you!