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We provide installation, fabrication and maintenance solutions for mechanical infrastructure that serves the needs of our clients and allows building systems to operate as intended.


Ethics - Integrity - Trust

We adopt and consistently delivery our services, knowledge, skills and values in a professional and consistent manner so that our clients can fully expect our honesty, openness and integrity on every project.  For more than 50 years Arpi’s has been able to deliver to our clients successful projects that embrace these standards, as well as provide unique solutions through technology, experience and proven methods consistent with an industry leader. 


We are industry leaders in every aspect of our business.  We embrace change and are always looking to the future to stay ahead of or be on the cutting edge of new technologies, innovations or better means and methods of project delivery.

Capability + Experience = Results

When you offer creativity with proven delivery systems, the use of cutting edge technology and a driven, knowledgeable and enthusiastic workforce, and then combine that with a collaborative and experienced team it’s no wonder we are able to deliver proven results on all types of projects to our clients.  With a culture of collaboration, encouragement and a desire to offer unique and successful solutions to project challenges Arpi’s not only considers itself an industry leader we deliver proven results.

Leadership & History

You don’t stay in business for over 50 years and consistently deliver some of the largest and most challenging projects in the industry without a good foundation and solid leadership.  Many of the fundamentals that Arpi put in place all those years ago when he started the company are still in place today.  How do you go from a one man shop to one of the largest, most experienced and trusted mechanical firms in the industry?   You delivery exceptional services that meet the needs of your customer in a reliable, professional and consistent manner.  At Arpi’s we like to say we do things a little different than everyone else.  To our team that means providing those proven results while embracing challenges and delivering them in the same fashion that Arpi would expect and appreciate.