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5 Signs Your Calgary Home Needs a Boiler Repair

In Calgary’s cold, snowy winters, a reliable boiler plays a critical role in your comfort. By learning the signs of a struggling boiler, you’ll know when to contact a technician for boiler repair before the system breaks down.

Here are some red flags to note:

1. The Boiler is Making Strange Noises 

Clanging and banging noises are caused by “kettling” due to mineral scale on the heat exchanger. This buildup can cause excess pressure that damages your components. A professional cleaning will get rid of the scale, stopping the noise, and protecting your boiler. Gurgling noises might be caused by air in the system or sediment buildup or a frozen condensate pipe that a technician can clean out or thaw safely.

2. Funny Odors Coming From the Boiler Room

The smell of hot dust is common when you start up the system after the off-season. The odor is harmless and should dissipate after the first or second use. The odor of electrical burning, however, suggests a problem with the wiring that should be addressed by a professional.

3. Water is Leaking Around the Boiler

Water pooling around your boiler is always a reason to call a technician. Leaks can be caused by pressure issues, broken seals or cracks in the boiler’s metal body. Boiler repair isn’t always possible in these cases, meaning you might need a new boiler.

4. Soot Buildup on the Boiler

A little soot from an oil-fired boiler is normal, but excessive amounts mean your boiler is due for a thorough professional cleaning. Soot from a gas boiler, however, typically means the boiler isn’t burning fuel correctly, which poses the risk of potentially lethal carbon monoxide exposure. Call a technician for immediate help.

5. Corrosion On and Around the Boiler

Rust flakes and stains around your boiler mean it’s overdue for professional maintenance. While corrosion might not seem to be an immediate issue, it can eventually cause leaks that will leave you with no choice but to replace the system.

Pay attention to the signs your boiler might be in trouble so you can have any necessary boiler repair jobs taken care of early, while they’re still relatively quick and inexpensive. Schedule your fall boiler repair or maintenance by contacting us at Arpi’s Industries.

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