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Catch problems before they become disasters and schedule regular maintenance.

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Furnace Cleaning in Calgary

Whether you need Calgary furnace cleaning or repair, our technicians are ready to service your HVAC system. With one visit to your home, our furnace cleaning professionals will have you breathing fresh, healthy air again.

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Furnace Tune-up Options


Annual 15 point furnace tune-up and safety check


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Annual 30 point furnace tune-up and safety check


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How Frequently Should I Get My Furnace Cleaned?

When you schedule regular furnace cleaning, you’ll work towards avoiding replacements and repairs down the road. In general, a homeowner should schedule professional furnace maintenance at least once a year. However, certain conditions (such as pets in the home) can call for more frequent maintenance. Contact us today and we’ll help you understand your furnace cleaning needs.

Regular furnace maintenance keeps family movie night just right

Benefits of Furnace Cleaning

Remember, the state of your furnace can play a big role in the condition of your entire HVAC system. Therefore, it’s important to take the time for furnace cleaning in Calgary. Doing this will help you to save money and time later on! With our help, you’ll be able to live with the benefit of a fully-functional furnace. We offer services Monday through Friday, or on an emergency basis, so contact us whenever you need professional service for your furnace and HVAC system.

Schedule annual furnace maintenance


  • Clean furnace filters and replace if necessary
  • Clean furnace blower assembly, valves, belts and pulleys to blower & motor housing
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for rust and corrosion
  • Inspect burners and electrical connections
  • Check static air pressure, gas pressure and temperature rise
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Furnace Maintenance FAQs

1. How often should you change a furnace filter?

How often you change a furnace filter depends on the manufacturers’ recommendations; typically you should check your filter on a monthly basis. How often you will need to change your filter will depend on many people live in the house, if you have pets, how often you run the furnace fan, etc.

2. Which way do furnace filters go?

Which way the furnace filter goes is a very common question. The furnace filter should always point towards the actual furnace. Most filter manufactures have an arrow on the filter and you want to make sure this is going in the proper direction of airflow which again points towards the furnace.   

3. How long does a furnace last?

A properly maintained furnace can last at least 15 to 20 years, completing annual maintenance can extend its life longer.

4. How to stop a furnace from banging?

To stop a furnace from banging you may need a service technician to make some adjustments on the ductwork because it is actually the ductwork that is banging. This is usually because of pressure building up inside the ductwork. In most cases, this can be taken care of as long as there is access to the ductwork that is banging.

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Keelan Mooney
Keelan Mooney
18:51 04 Nov 22
Excellent service and professionalism! Had to a get a new furnace on a reasonable budget. After many companies and quotes, Arpis were the best by far! Great quality, great price, and excellent installation and professionalism. No issues with the inspector after the install either. Would highly recommend you use Arpis!
Cheryl Hanson
Cheryl Hanson
21:29 02 Nov 22
Our technician was Vanessa, who was very knowledgeable with the components and patient with our questions. She arrived on time, worked diligently on the issues at hand, and kept us informed on what she was doing. She offered to show us how to work several components and was not rushed to leave. She did not leave until we were satisfied with the work and all our questions answered. She seemed to really care about these furnace problems. Many thanks to her. I wll be using ARPI'S again.
23:33 01 Nov 22
We had John as our project manager, as the first home owner John did give us a lot valuable information on furnaces. And Clinton installed furnaces super efficient and job done like a piece of art, neat clean and well organized. Kent is the electrician helped us to sort out HRV and air exchange system, also an over 15 years experienced technician.Thank you all for the excellent job done!
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