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Radon Testing Calgary

Radon is a radioactive gas found naturally in the environment. Radon is invisible, odourless and tasteless and emits ionizing radiation. When radon is confined to enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces, it can accumulate to high levels. Radon levels are generally highest in basements and crawl spaces because these areas are nearest to the source and are usually poorly ventilated. In the open air, the amount of radon gas is very small and does not pose a health risk. In the last several years Health Canada has made it a priority to educate the public on the long-term health effects of radon gas in your home.

How to Reduce Radon in Your Home

Radon gas originates in the earth and is found in just about every building to some level. However, it is a concern when it reaches unacceptable levels. According to Health Canada, the acceptable level of radon in the average home is 200 becquerels per cubic metre (200 Bq/m³), while the World Health Organization sets the acceptable level at 100 becquerels per cubic metre (100 Bq/m³).

There are two options to reduce radon levels in your home:

  1. Sub-slab depressurization (SSD)
  2. Home ventilation

However, the first step is to determine the radon levels in your home. This will help you decide which course of action to take.

Sub-slab Depressurization

The most common form of mitigation is sub-slab depressurization. Suction pipes are inserted through the floor and into the concrete slab beneath the home in order to draw out radon gas and vent it outside of the home. This method is very effective although requires more work to drill into the foundation of your home. If radon levels are high in your home this method is the best option to reduce radon gas in your home to a safe level.

Home Ventilation

You can have a radon mitigation fan installed in your home that pulls radon from the air in your home through ductwork that leads to an outside vent. Proper installation with high quality vents is important to ensure that the radon vented outside does not seep back in.

Arpis’ offers Airthings Wave Plus to test for radon and make recommendations on how to reduce radon to safe levels in your home and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

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Jack Fu
03:43 29 Nov 21
Thank you for the great work installing a high-efficiency furnace by our crew Mike, Elliot, and Andy. They were very efficient and skillful with the job. Every effort was made to ensure that our new furnace and existing ductwork was properly retrofitted to meet code. These guys really know what they are doing! Also, a big thanks for the easy to understand explanations on how the new furnace and thermostat worked once everything was completed. A shoutout goes to Jeremy for making sure our old furnace ran until the recent install date. Lastly, a big thank you to Kirk and all of the ladies at the Arpi's office for the reasonable pricing, answering all of our questions, and accommodating us to make the installation happen before the snow! Really appreciate all of your help and efforts. I would highly recommend Arpi's for anyone considering home furnace installs or service.
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Angela Morton
01:46 29 Nov 21
Very good service. On time and the quote given was accurate. All old equipment was removed and the new installation went well. Highly recommended
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phalguni khanna
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This is a double thumbs up for team Arpi's!We had our regular furnace maintenance in Oct but in Nov the house seemed not to heat up properly. So called Arpi's and Debbie from the office was very kind, supportive, really heard me out and was looking for available appointments - the first of which was around end of Dec! So she put me on hold since she wanted to figure out another way to help us out, talked to dispatch and made sure that there was a technician coming over the same day to look at the furnace!! Vanessa, the technician who came over was very professional, thorough, checked everything, explained what the issue was and what she fixed. We have been using Arpi's for the last few years for regular maintenance but this was the first time interacting for an issue and both Debbie and Vanessa really did a fabulous job! Recommend team Arpi's without any hesitation for their excellent customer service, troubleshooting, honesty, creatively trying to solve the issue as quickly as possible and professionalism.
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