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Top Reasons You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure


Top Reasons You're Experiencing Low Water Pressure Low water pressure may be a simple fix or an indication of a more serious problem. Finding and remedying these issues early on can help you prevent a good deal of damage caused by future plumbing problems.

  • If there’s reduced water pressure at your outdoor spigot, as well as your indoor faucets, you might have a problem with the line coming into your home. If this is the case, you should contact the city’s water department.
  • If just one faucet flows slowly, remove the aerator and check for a blockage. Sand or hard water deposits could be trapped on the screen. You can remove hard water deposits by soaking the effected parts in vinegar or a cleaning chemical formulated for hard water scale. If you have temperature limiters on the faucets, you may need to adjust the faucet handle to increase the flow. You can move the limiter to increase water flow from the hot water faucet.
  • You can suspect a partially-closed water valve or a leak if the water flow is slow for all the faucets in your bathroom or kitchen. If you’ve had your plumbing serviced recently, someone may not have opened the supply valves completely.
  • A water heater replacement can inadvertently cause a slow flow. There might be debris in the lines that you can clear by running a hot water faucet
  • You may hear water running through your walls or floor. A plumbing leak can cause low water pressure, which is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Water damage can cause serious harm to your home’s walls, floors and ceilings. You may have to turn off the main shut-off valve while you hunt for the leak. If you’re uncertain about how to repair it, contact a plumber. 
  • Sometimes air bubbles in the supply lines can block flow. Simply turn on all of the faucets in your house and flush a toilet to restore the water pressure.

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