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Installing An HRV: Learn What It Takes

It is rare for the average homeowner to have sufficient knowledge to install HVAC equipment or related systems. That holds true when it comes to installing an HRV as well. It is, however, helpful to know what steps are involved in the process of installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV). After all, prudent homeowners take the time to carefully select the right contractor to perform any services in their homes.

Here’s what the process of installing an HRV involves:

  • Installing an HRV exhaust vent in the kitchen requires special consideration. It should be located no more than 300 mm from the ceiling if it’s installed on a wall. Keeping it clean is also a priority, so the vent must be easily accessible or a special grease filter should be used.
  • Separate exhaust fans located in a bathroom or kitchen must be controlled by a direct switch, and not jointly used by the heat recovery ventilator’s exhaust.
  • If the home uses a central return-duct system, the installer should employ transfer grilles, jumper ducts or cuts under doors to ensure proper air movement in the home. Otherwise, the efficiency and performance of the HRV could be compromised.
  • The contractor should take special steps to ensure that when the HRV operates at the same time as the forced-air system, the home’s pressure remains neutral. Negative side effects can include a depressurized home.
  • The supply-duct portions of the HRV that travel through areas of the home that don’t receive heating should be insulated to code. The same holds true for exhaust ducts.
  • The HRV’s ducts should reach the primary living spaces in the home, including the main living area, all bedrooms and all floors of the home.
  • The contractor should install the controls to the HRV so that they’re easily accessible.

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