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HVAC Awards And Associations Sets Arpi’s Apart From The Pack

There is a multitude of HVAC contractors in almost every city, including Calgary. Not every contractor is the same, however. What is it that sets one apart from the others? Expertise, of course, and experience. But just how is a consumer supposed to gauge the quality of a company? You can compare certain elements, such as a company’s referrals and the number of years they have been business; however, the associations that HVAC contractors belong to as well as awards they’ve received also reveals quality.

The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI), of which Arpi’s is a member, is an association that exists to support quality HVAC technicians. It is a non-profit organization that includes wholesalers, manufacturers and contractors associated with the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. The HRAI pushes for safe practices and offers training for technicians in order to stay up to date on the latest changes in technologies, installations, service and safety. When an HVAC contractor is a part of this organization, consumers can trust his or her expertise.

Awards are another area that distinguish one contractor from another. Arpi’s has consistently received awards over the decades for its premier service, ethics, standards and safety. Two of Arpi’s standout awards are:

  • The Dave Lennox Award (Premier Dealer): awarded 13 times for a contractor’s commitment to quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction (determined by an independent third party).
  • The Ethics Award from the Better Business Bureau (BBB): awarded to Arpi’s on multiple occasions, with only a couple of businesses selected each year by local chapters of the BBB.

Associations and awards can give consumers insight into the quality and expertise of a contractor. Next time you need to hire one, use more than referrals and years in business to compare. The best way to evaluate an HVAC contractor is to look at the company as a whole, including associations (like HRAI) and awards.

Arpi’s expertise is clearly defined by accomplishments that testify to the company’s commitment to customer service, quality, and expertise. Call Arpi’s today for service, installation, commercial projects or home building.

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