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3 Benefits Modulating Furnaces Afford

3 Benefits Modulating Furnaces AffordThe benefits that modulating furnaces offer can’t be ignored. In fact, for Calgary homeowners, and others living in cold regions across Canada, high-performing furnaces like these offer significant advantages in terms of savings and comfort. Learn how modulating furnaces work, and how you can benefit from installing one in your home.

How it works

Modulating furnaces differ from single-stage and two-stage furnaces in terms of how the burner operates. Single-stage systems operate at their highest stage, or they’re off. Two-stage systems can regulate the burner flame, allowing it to operate at a high stage and a low stage. Modulating furnaces go a step further, running at a variety of stages.

When a modulating furnace fires up in the morning, when the home is cold, it ramps up at its highest stage of heat, while the blower also runs at its highest speed, delivering the highest levels of heat into the home possible. Once the home warms up, the burner stage drops, as does the blower, which runs at lower stages and speeds over the course of the day. The heating load of the home is met precisely.


  • Comfort – With the modulating furnace’s ability to adjust its burner output incrementally, the home’s temperature will generally vary by only 1 degree from the thermostat’s setting. With standard furnaces, temperature variances are generally much higher. As a result, you’ll feel much more comfortable in your home, with consistent temperatures throughout.
  • Efficiency – The high efficiency ratings of modulating furnaces, which often reach 98 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), encourage energy savings; however, to achieve optimal results, your home should be as energy efficient as possible.
  • Reduced noise – With the modulating furnace operating at its lower burner and blower stages throughout the majority of the day, the system is also notable for a reduced noise level.

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