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Is Your Home Plumbing Ready for an Upgrade?

Is Your Home Plumbing Ready for an Upgrade?You may not give much thought to your home plumbing system until it starts to show its age and problems begin to develop. By learning how to spot the signs of aging plumbing and weighing your upgrade options now, you could avoid the headaches of extensive water damage and expensive repairs in the near future.

Warning Signs of Future Plumbing Problems

If you can identify any of these indicators of possible home plumbing issues, an upgrade may be on the horizon:

  • Galvanized piping. Since they’re treated on the outside to prevent corrosion, your galvanized pipes may look like they’re in excellent condition even though they’re rusting away from the inside. If you’re experiencing repeated water line clogs and reduced flow, deterioration of your galvanized pipes is likely the cause.
  • Mixed piping materials. The partial replacement of an older home’s plumbing pipes isn’t uncommon. If some of the galvanized pipes in your home were replaced with copper in the past, you may be facing a potential plumbing disaster. Copper and galvanized steel are incompatible metals, and if they weren’t joined using dielectric unions to prevent electrolysis, they’re corroding at a faster-than-normal rate.
  • Advancing age. The materials frequently used in older home plumbing systems have an expected life span of approximately 60 years. If your home is close to that age or older and you can’t confirm that a plumbing update took place recently, it’s wise to get the piping replaced before you start to see serious age-related deterioration.
  • Evidence of corrosion. It’s impossible to check all the plumbing in your home, but doing periodic checks of the accessible pipes can help you spot the early signs of deterioration. Look for discoloration, dimpling and flaking on your metal pipes, along with fresh or dried water stains nearby. If the water from your faucets have a rusty-brown tinge caused by corrosion in the lines, or if you’re experiencing an increase in clogs and leaks that require repair, you’re seeing other key indicators of decay.

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