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Is Your Home Due For Duct Cleaning?

Several factors directly contribute to a dusty home. Recent renovations wreak havoc on cleanliness and homeowners have to work overtime to keep on top of the dirt. Older homes are prone to drafts and leaks, causing dust and dirt to easily gain entry into the home. Another factor that you might not have considered yet is your ductwork.

While there is some controversy and varying opinions over the effectiveness of duct cleaning, experts agree that cleaning is beneficial if:

  • You have a pet that sheds a lot.
  • There are smokers in the house.
  • A renovation project has just ended.
  • You are moving into a new home.
  • It hasn’t been done in awhile, or at least five years.

There are also certain conditions within the ductwork itself that warrant cleaning:

  • If you can see mold on the duct’s interior.
  • If you have a bug or mice infestation and see evidence of such in the ductwork.
  • If dust buildup is so significant that you can actually see dust billow out of registers.

When considering duct cleaning, you should expect a contractor to use a vacuum tool uniquely designed for the job. The vacuum connects to ductwork from the main furnace system and sucks dirt out, without letting it escape all over your home. The process also involves inserting a tool that acts like a kind of brush through all of the ductwork to reach the accumulation of dirt.

Before choosing a contractor, consider their expertise and training. Ask for referrals before you trust your home’s valuable HVAC equipment to any contractor.

Duct cleaning is a significant investment and prices can vary among contractors. Before pursuing duct cleaning, make sure your home is effectively sealed up to prevent excessive dust from making a reappearance. Expectations should be realistic with duct cleaning: it is not a cure-all for respiratory issues or illnesses, but it can be part of a targeted plan of action that enhances the indoor air quality and cleanliness.

The professionally trained technicians at Arpi’s have the equipment and expertise to provide quality duct cleaning. Call us if you think your home can benefit. We’re happy to answer questions and offer advice.

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