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Without A Quality Furnace Installation, Your System Won’t Perform

Without A Quality Furnace Installation, Your System Won't PerformChoosing and purchasing a furnace are important steps in putting together your new or replacement heating system, but they are only part of the job. The necessary third step, installation, will properly place your furnace in its physical location, ensure that it works correctly and make certain that the system will function safely and reliably. A quality furnace installation is necessary for proper furnace performance. Here are some of the more notable factors to keep in mind when you are choosing an installation professional and evaluating the installation of your furnace.

Choose your contractor carefully. In most cases, your furnace installer will probably also be an employee of the HVAC company where you purchased the unit. Whether using the services of the seller or an outside contractor, make sure the individual or team performing the installation is qualified to put in HVAC equipment of that type. Ask about licensing and particular qualifications or expertise the installer possesses. Make sure the installation contractor adheres to Energy Star standards and the guidelines of the Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI).

As part of quality furnace installation, your installer should:

  • Ensure the furnace is the proper size to provide the amount of heating you need without overheating or wasting energy.
  • Seal ductwork to prevent costly air and energy loss from the air distribution network.
  • Make sure the system’s airflow is optimized for your home’s characteristics and heating needs.
  • Install and set the unit’s programmable thermostat.
  • Show you how to change the system’s air filters.
  • Ensure there is enough physical space around the unit for ease of maintenance and service.
  • Test for proper burner operation and safe venting of exhaust gases, especially carbon monoxide.
  • Reference an Energy Star rating confirming the furnace’s efficiency level.

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