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What is Air Balancing And Why Is It Important?

Is your heat evenly distributed throughout your household, or do you have one room which is always too hot or too cold? This is a common problem in many homes. We often use extra heaters or extra fans to increase our comfort, but this can become expensive, and there is an easier solution.

Because varying temperatures in the household are typically the result of unevenly distributed airflow throughout your ventilation systems, an air balance test can find and solve these problems.

First, your contractor will assess the heating and cooling needs of each room in the house. Then, he or she will test the air pressure at each of your registers using a velometer. This test will tell your contractor if the air pressure at any part of your ventilation system is either too high or too low. The service provider can then install equipment that will more evenly distribute air flow throughout your house.

Properly testing and adjusting the airflow in your ventillation systems will go a long way toward increasing your comfort and saving in energy costs over the long run. Your service provider at Arpi’s will be happy to give you a free estimate for service and help you find the best balance for your ventilation systems.

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