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Weighing Replacing Your Furnace? Questions That Will Help You Decide

Weighing Replacing Your Furnace? Questions That Will Help You DecideSome decisions are inexpensive and simple: brown or black shoes today? Some are expensive and complex: Should I replace my Calgary-area home’s furnace?

Age and Condition

If your heating unit was installed in the 20th century, consider replacing your furnace. Most furnaces have a life expectancy of 13 to 20 years, but harsh winters will reduce their lifespan. Not only will a modern furnace be more reliable, it will be far more energy-efficient than an older model.

If your furnace has been breaking down often, you likely will be replacing your furnace soon. Parts can be replaced, but everything wears out eventually. The heat exchanger is the heart of your furnace, and if it is corroded or cracked, you have very little time before a red tag means replacement is a must.

Contractor Questions

Once you realize replacing your furnace is the only answer, you have questions for your contractor. But if this is your first furnace replacement, you may not even know what to ask. Try these questions:

  • What is the length and scope of the manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Can the contractor supply three references from satisfied customers receiving the same model furnace?
  • Is there a discount available for off-season installation?
  • Will the replacement furnace use my home’s chimney? If so, will a new chimney liner be needed?
  • Will the new furnace be installed on a raised bed of bricks or concrete block, to keep it out of water from a wet basement?
  • What modifications are needed to my home’s existing ductwork?
  • What is involved with filter replacement? When will it need changing, and how much will replacements cost?
  • Will a new seven-day programmable thermostat be included in the package price?

If you have wisely replaced your furnace with a condensing gas model, you have additional concerns:

  • How will you level the new furnace to allow condensation to drain?
  • Where will you place the condensate drain hose?
  • Will both vent pipes (incoming fresh air and outgoing exhaust) be side-by-side on my home’s exterior?

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