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Waiting To Schedule A Fall Tune-Up? Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Winter Sets In

Did you know that fall is the best time to schedule your furnace’s preventive maintenance? There are several reasons that fall is the ideal time, including beating the rush. Most homeowners want to schedule maintenance in the fall in order to get their furnace systems in the best shape possible before cold weather sets in, and to prevent interruptions in heating when it’s needed the most.

A fall tune-up will typically include a thorough inspection of the entire system, as many of its components work together to produce heated air. A contractor will generally perform the following steps:

  • Checking the motor. This includes evaluating the furnace blower motor and fan, inspecting alignment, lubricating the motor and assessing its bearings, pulleys and belts.
  • Checking the gas valve. Inspecting this component is not only critical to the system’s efficiency, but also the safety of the home’s occupants. This includes assessing the control valve, pressure, manifold and orifices, as well as checking for leaks.
  • Checking electrical elements. Here, there are several circuits and circuit boards, wiring and shut-off controls that will be assessed.
  • Checking the control panel. Inspection includes the furnace door interlock, the flame, pressure and fan switch, and the fan and limit controls.
  • Checking the pilot. To ensure efficiency and consistent heat, the pilot’s assembly, thermocouple, flame sensor, igniter and burners are assessed for hazardous conditions and smooth operation.
  • Checking the combustion chamber. Because combustion can produce hazardous carbon monoxide, it’s critical that it’s thoroughly cleaned and inspected, including the heat exchanger, combustion and fresh-air intake, flues and carbon-monoxide emissions.

With all of the components that make up the furnace system, having them in good operating condition ensures that your system will run smoothly all winter long, and you’ll avoid unnecessary repairs and energy losses. You’ll also help to avoid dangerous gas and carbon monoxide leaks by having preventive maintenance performed.

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