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A Variable Speed Air Handler Can Improve Your Savings and Comfort

A Variable Speed Air Handler Can Improve Your Savings and ComfortIf you’re considering upgrading the HVAC equipment in your Calgary area home, opting for a model with a variable speed air handler can bring you increased comfort and savings. The air handler is that vital component of a heating and cooling system that pushes the conditioned air through your home.

Standard Versus Variable-Speed Air Handlers

A standard handler only has one setting, so it always operates at full capacity. These units also have to cycle on and off frequently to meet the temperature setting on your thermostat. In contrast, a variable speed air handler automatically adjusts its speed based on your heating and cooling needs. Once it brings your home to the desired temperature, it drops down to a lower speed but keeps running almost continuously. You may pay more for this key feature, but its many benefits make it a worthwhile investment.

  • Energy savings. Even though your variable speed air handler is running for longer periods, it’s not cycling on and off repeatedly, and it’s operating at a more efficient lower speed. This can save you as much as 80 percent on energy use compared to standard equipment.

  • Quieter operation. Standard heating and cooling system air handlers that operate on high and cycle on and off all the time can be quite noisy. You’ll see a significant reduction in noise with your new variable speed equipment, in fact, you may not even notice when your furnace or A/C is running.

  • Increased comfort. If you’re used to a standard HVAC system with a single-speed air handler, you’re also used to living with temperature fluctuations. Because your new equipment is running on low for longer periods, you won’t experience those drastic dips and spikes, and your home will be more comfortable, winter and summer.

  • Better indoor air quality. When the air in your home is pulled through your HVAC filter frequently, more allergens and pollutants are removed, which improves the quality of the air you breathe.

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