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Use These Tips To Avoid Common Air Conditioner Problems, And Stay Cool Through The Calgary Summer

One of the perks of living in Calgary is its relatively mild summers. Low energy bills during this time make up for the high cost of staying warm in the winter. However, a lot of homeowners still use central air conditioners on those days where discomfort becomes a factor. To keep your system running on the days that you need it, there are some common A/C problems that you can avoid: clogged drains and leaks.

Clogged drains result from the following:

  • Not changing your air filter regularly can cause problems. Eventually, dirt bypasses the filter and ends up in the drain.
  • The drain can be easily misaligned and develop into a leak. An HVAC contractor can flush air conditioner drains as necessary during annual maintenance, or you can ask your contractor if it’s necessary to use a condensate tablet monthly to keep drains clear.
  • Because most systems have an open pipe that operates as an emergency overflow, it’s pretty easy for dirt, dust or even bugs to accumulate over time in the opening, eventually leading to clogged drains.
  • It’s also possible for dirt to gather in the pan’s overflow drain, keeping excess water from escaping.

Once you have a clogged drain, your risk of a leak increases, and leaks cause considerable damage to your home. When water leaks through a ceiling, it damages the wood and can eventually develop into mould.

You can take three steps to avoid clogged drains and leaks.

  1. First, keep an eye on your drain pan. If a drain is clogged, the water will build up in the pan and eventually leak out. If you see a lot of water collecting in the drain pan, you know that a clog is building.
  2. Change your air filter regularly.
  3. Get regular preventive maintenance for your air conditioner. This is one of the easiest things that you can do to avoid problems with drainage.

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