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Types of Air Filters For Your Home

Air filters are an item in our home that are often forgotten. They may not seem important, but they do perform an essential function. Air filters keep dust in the home to a minimum and also prevent dust from collecting on the coils of the heating system, which can reduce the efficiency of the unit. Changing air filters frequently will keep the air in the home cleaner. It will also help homeowners save money by allowing the furnace to perform optimally.

There are many different types of air filters for the home to choose from, but choosing an air filter is really pretty simple. There are a few important features of air filters to pay attention to before replacement.

Make note of the size of your HVAC air filter before purchasing a new one. Air filters come in a wide variety of sizes and you will want to know the exact size to ensure a proper fit. Also check to see if your home uses one or two filters.

There are several types of air filters to choose from. Standard fiberglass and pleated air filters are typically the cheapest but trap only about 10%-40% of allergens. Electrostatic and electric air filters use an electric charge to attract dust. They are much more expensive but filter out more than 90% of contaminants, much more than the standard filters.

HEPA filters are a step up from this, filtering out 99.9% of contaminants including pet hair, which is helpful for homes with family members who have allergies.

Changing your home’s air filters is one step in keeping the home energy efficient.

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