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Thinking of Replacing Your Sink? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Thinking of Replacing Your Sink? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?Replacing your sink is a quick way to give your kitchen an update, but the process isn’t as simple as just removing the old sink and plopping a new one in. There are several things to consider before you begin work to prevent plumbing problems and damage later.

First, when removing your old sink, remember to:

  • Scrape old caulk or putty off with a putty knife and use a caulk remover to remove stubborn spots.
  • Match your new faucet to the sink openings. Some sinks have several holes in the top to allow for a faucet, sprayer and soap dispenser. Some allow for just the faucet. Make sure the faucet you choose will fit the sink.
  • Replace the entire waste assembly, instead of reusing it. The threads on old drainpipes are usually corroded and won’t form a tight connection. Installing a new drain assembly with your new sink prevents future damage caused by leaks.

Before replacing your sink, you must also measure the depth of the old one. If the new sink hangs too low, it won’t drain properly, which means you’ll have to lower the sanitary tee connection in the drain line located inside the wall. Determine how much extra depth you can add to the sink bowl without lowering the drain pipe by measuring the sink tailpiece between the basket strainer and the tee.

Measure all sides of the existing opening from beneath the countertop before replacing your sink, and note whether the corners are rounded or cut at 90-degree angles. While you can enlarge the cut-out to accommodate  a larger sink, the opening can’t be reduced to accommodate a sink that is too small.

Finally, new sinks must be sealed along the rim to prevent water damage to your countertop. Plumber’s putty used to be the standard, but it dries out and cracks over time, so use a silicone caulk instead.

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