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Thermostat Settings for Fall Vacations

Fall and winter vacations are a bit tricky when it comes to thermostat settings. You don’t want to waste energy if the house is vacant, but then again you don’t want to come back to burst pipes and frozen plants. So what are the best thermostat settings for your furnace or other type of heating system while you’re away?

Setting the Temperature in Fall or Winter

Experts generally recommend decreasing the heating about 5 degrees in the fall or winter when you’re away. But keep in mind that your home may have cold spots. Are these located where there’s an exterior wall, where pipes might freeze? You may want to open cabinet doors to compensate. Or, if plants are in a cold room, you might want to move them. Also, check the weather forecast before you depart.

If you think the temperature could drop precipitously, you probably should ask a friend or neighbor to check on the house and make sure the temperature setting seems adequate to keep the home heated.

Come to think of it, it’s not a bad idea to ask someone to come over anyway and make sure the heating system is working right, that there are no leaks from the plumbing or condensate drain, or any other problems.

Control the Temperature With an App

While it’s always recommended to have someone keep an eye on your home while you’re away, it’s also helpful to install a Wi-Fi thermostat. That way, you can change the temperature from wherever you are, as needed. If your device alerts you that there’s a big freeze approaching, you can adjust the temperature accordingly. In case temperatures remain mild, you might want to raise the thermostat setting a bit.

A Wi-Fi thermostat also allows you to raise the temperature just prior to your arrival home, so it’s nice and cozy inside. What’s more, it can notify you about maintenance issues.

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