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Spring’s Thaw Brings Indoor Air Quality Challenges

When you think of spring, do you think of new growth and warm air? Or do you think of runny noses and sneezing? Certainly, there are great things about spring, but it also brings its share of challenges. The weather warms up and plants, trees and grasses begin to grow again. Along with the blooming of new plants comes the trigger of spring allergies.

The most common spring allergy is pollen, which comes from trees that begin pollinating early. Other triggers include flower pollination. Mid-spring triggers are mainly due to grass pollen. Spring rains also contribute to allergies by increasing the moisture in the air and making conditions conducive for mold growth.

The fact of the matter is you can’t change nature. You can, however, reduce these triggers through improvements to your indoor air quality. There are different kinds of products that improve indoor air quality and specifically target different categories of pollutants and allergens. Experts generally agree that the following purification technologies effectively destroy allergens:

  • HEPA air purifiers use filters that have a maze of dense fibers to catch allergens. In fact, the dense material provides a large surface area that effectively catches allergens while allowing good airflow.
  • Instead of a filter, Ionizers work to give particles a “charge” to clean the air.
  • Faster than ozone technology, Hydroxyl Radicals naturally occur in the earth. In air purification technology, they draw allergens into the system and destroy them.

It’s also important to know that there are different kinds of systems that increase indoor air quality. Ventilation systems transfer bad air out and good air in. Purification systems attach directly to the air handler on your furnace and prohibit bad air from getting into the home. Filtration systems catch particles and don’t allow them to re-circulate. Finally, elimination systems significantly reduce the presence of contaminants.

The spring season significantly affects indoor air quality, but with new technologies you can get a step up on spring allergies this year.

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