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Seasonal Plumbing Tips for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Seasonal Plumbing Tips for the Kitchen and BathroomMaintaining your Calgary home is a never ending job, and each season brings with it some unique items to add to your maintenance checklist. As for your kitchen and bathroom, take a look at our seasonal plumbing tips for spring, to help safeguard your home against plumbing issues down the road.

  • Place strainers in all your drains, to stop soap, hair and other materials from clogging your pipes.
  • Visually inspect all toilet tanks and bowls for leakage or cracks.
  • Leaky toilets can be tricky; one of the best seasonal plumbing tips is to place several drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. If there is a leak, the water in the toilet bowl will change colour within 30 minutes or so.
  • Check all the faucets in your home, looking for leaks or drips, and make repairs as needed or call for professional service.
  • Locate your water supply valves hidden behind toilets and under sinks, and exercise them to keep them in good working order.
  • Freshen your shower spray and remove mineral deposits by either unscrewing your shower heads, removing, and placing them in vinegar overnight, or leaving them on and placing a leak-proof plastic bag filled with vinegar over top, securing with with an elastic band. In the morning, use an old toothbrush to scrub away leftover debris before giving shower heads a final rinse.
  • Check to see that all toilets are flushing properly: if the handle must be manipulated for the toilet to flush completely, or you have to fiddle with it to stop water flow, you may need to replace some of the parts in the tank. Parts can be found at any hardware or home improvement store, are easy to replace and can make a difference to your monthly water bill.

For more seasonal plumbing tips, or you are thinknig about replacing old taps, faucets and doing other plumbing renos, call the experts at Arpi’s Industries Ltd., proudly serving homeowners in the Calgary area for more than 50 years.

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