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Problem Faucet: What to Do Till the Plumber Arrives

10.04.13The sound of a dripping faucet can drive just about anyone up the wall. But constant dripping isn’t the only issue you could face with a problem faucet. Any number of plumbing maladies could pop up when you least expect them. In many cases, unless your plumber has 24-hour emergency service, it could be hours or even days before one is able to diagnose and fix your faulty faucet.

Until the plumber shows up with a permanent solution, here are a few quick fixes that’ll temporarily put a clamp on your problem faucet:

  • If you’re dealing with a drippy faucet, tie a long piece of string around the end of the faucet. The water drops will run down the string instead, sparing you the noise until the plumber shows up.
  • If your faucet delivers a few random spurts instead of a strong stream of water, unscrew the aerator from the mouth of the faucet and flush away any lime scale or mineral deposits that may have accumulated within.
  • For a screeching faucet, replace the aged rubber washers with fresh ones from your local hardware store.
  • If there’s not enough water flow from the kitchen sink sprayer, loosen the handle assembly and remove the diverter. Give this part a quick soak in a bath of white vinegar and boiling hot water before reassembling the faucet.
  • If you hear any clicking or clanking noises from your faucet, there could be loose fittings or cracks within. However, a thorough check means taking the entire faucet assembly apart.

These tips can help you keep your faucet running and your sanity intact until your plumbing contractor arrives.

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