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Prevent Burning Your Hands By Installing an Anti-Scald Valve

Prevent Burning Your Hands By Installing an Anti-Scald ValveFall is here, winter won’t be far behind and Canadians will be scrambling to prepare their families and their homes for what lies ahead. During the heating season, it’s also common for more hot water to be consumed during these months than usual. What many people may not know is the dangers that this can pose. Scalding hot water is a real threat, especially in those families with young children in the home. 

How dangerous can overheated water be? Being exposed to water at 71 degrees can scald skin in less than one second. Even temperatures as low as 48 degrees can cause severe burns after prolonged exposure. This can happen quickly and unexpectedly, like when one family member is in the shower and another flushes the toilet, lessening the cool water flow to the shower head. 

One solution is setting your water heater to 48 degrees. Another is installing an anti-scald valve. These valves are a literal life-saver in many homes. They function by mixing cold water in with the outpouring hot water, ensuring that the water never gets to a temperature that could scald someone. Installing an anti-scald valve is recommended when either children or elderly individuals reside within a home. 

Installation of one of these valves is a simple process that takes little time and money. It’s a standard safety precaution that can help reduce water temperature fluctuations and put your mind at ease. Now you’ll be able to run hot water in the kitchen or flush the toilet without it affecting a loved ones bath.  

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