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Prepare Your Calgary Home for Spring with a Maintenance Check

Your home is probably one of the most important investments you’ll ever make, so it’s vital to give it the care it needs. Regular maintenance can save you more money over time, so that untimely repair work can be prevented. Spring is the ideal time to get some needed work done around your home. By having a pro perform a home maintenance check, you can rest assured your Calgary abode is getting the TLC it needs.

Spring Home Maintenance Check

Prepare Your Calgary Home for Spring with a Maintenance Check During a home maintenance inspection, a pro will typically:

  • Examine the exterior of your home to see if any repair work is needed for degraded bricks or damaged stucco. Any siding or trim that’s broken should be replaced, fixed or painted as well.
  • Ensure your outdoor electrical boxes are watertight.
  • Check your property to see if there’s repair work needed on your walkways.
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris, and ensure they’re securely attached. The condition of your roof and chimney is usually assessed as well.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Change or clean your HVAC system’s air filter to maximize efficiency.
  • Promote effective airflow by cleaning dust and debris around your HVAC system, cold-air vents, dryer vent, room fans, baseboard heaters and stove hood.
  • Seal any air leaks around your home with caulking or weatherstripping.
  • Make sure you have enough attic insulation, so you can lock in more cool air during the summer (and keep more warmth in during the winter).
  • Fix leaky pipes in your kitchen, bathrooms and utility room.
  • Drain your water heater to prevent sediment buildup.
  • Get your fireplace flue and liners cleaned to avoid creosote buildup.
  • Tune-up your cooling system. Annual tune-ups are necessary for having an energy efficient and safe unit. Caring for HVAC system will also help reduce your carbon footprint.

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