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Plumbing Considerations for Parties

The arrival of fall means that Thanksgiving and the holiday party season are right around the corner. Whether you’ll be hosting an annual family get-together or multiple parties this season, it’s vital to make sure that your home’s plumbing system is in top condition. Here are some plumbing considerations to tackle while your festivities are still in the planning stage:

Take Care of Minor Drips and Leaks

Fixing any dripping faucets, running toilets, and leaks around fixture supply lines not only makes your home look well-cared-for when you have guests, it can help avert a plumbing emergency during a party when the fixtures are getting more use. You can replace washers, tighten up fittings, and replace the flapper or other defective parts on your toilets on your own, or hire a plumber to make the necessary repairs.

Learn the Location of Your Main Water Shutoff

If a plumbing emergency occurs during a party and you can’t shut off the water supply to the closest fixture, you may need to close the main valve to stop a damaging flood. Oftentimes, the valve is situated in the basement close to where the main water line enters the home, so be sure to find yours and memorize its location.

Have Sluggish Drains Dealt With

Your bathroom plumbing drains get a lot of use when you’re hosting parties, plus you’ll be using the kitchen sink and garbage disposal while cleaning up. If your drains are acting sluggish now, that added workload could cause a backup. To avoid the mess and stress of backed-up fixtures while you’re entertaining, have any slow-moving drains checked and cleaned out by your plumber ahead of time.

Check Your Water Heater

Ample hot water is essential when you’re doing dishes or if you have overnight guests visiting. If you haven’t had your water heater serviced and flushed recently, schedule a visit from your plumber now so you have peace of mind that it’s working reliably and efficiently.

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