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Make the Switch to a Mercury-Free Thermostat

We live in an environmentally conscious world where people are just beginning to become aware of the hidden dangers that may be lurking in our environment and our homes. These things can present dangers for both those who live in the home and the world around us. One of these hazardous materials that is getting more attention these days is mercury.

Mercury is damaging to the neural network of humans and animals. Even is very small amounts it can cause brain damage and death in fetuses and small children. Just as frightening, mercury, like all heavy metals, does not fade away. Once released into the environment or consumed by a person or animal, it continues to build up, eventually reaching hazardous levels.

Once found in many household items such as mirrors and thermometers, mercury is a very toxic heavy metal. While it has been removed from most items found in your home, it may still be lurking in your home’s thermostat. If you live in an older home and the thermostat has not been replaced recently, it may be time to switch to a mercury-free thermostat.

Traditionally, mercury has been used in thermostats and certain switches because it is reliable and long lasting. However, new awareness of the dangers of mercury to both human beings, wildlife and the environment as a whole has made it imperative that new technology be developed to replace mercury thermostats.

Currently, there are traditional thermostats and programmable thermostats available that do not contain mercury. While there is still some debate over the longevity of these newer thermostats, especially the electronic ones, there is no debate that making the switch to a mercury-free thermostat is the right thing to do for your family and the environment.

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