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Make Boiler Maintenance a Priority Before the Weather Changes

When the weather starts to cool down at the beginning of fall it’s usually a welcome change. However, that cool weather is a sign that it’s going to be downright cold pretty soon. When it does get cold, you’ll need your boiler to be functioning the right way to keep your house warm. Use this guide to make sure you take care of all of the essential boiler maintenance tasks before winter arrives and you need to heat your home. Otherwise you could be stuck in the cold waiting on a repair job to be completed.

Check For Cracks or Damage to Your Boiler

Look at your boiler to see if there are any cracks or obvious signs of damage on the outside. Use a flashlight if you need to. These signs of wear and tear indicate that your boiler may need some repairs, or in some cases, may need to be replaced entirely. A cracked boiler is dangerous and shouldn’t be operated in your home.

Check the Boiler Pressure

Check the boiler pressure. Most boilers have a pressure gauge manual. Pressure too high or low requires professional maintenance as soon as possible.

Keep the Area Around the Boiler Clean

Make sure nothing has moved closer to the boiler like debris or items from your basement. Things like furniture, paperwork, leaves, clothing or holiday supplies can be a fire hazard if they are too close to your boiler. Clean the area around your boiler and make sure all items are as far away as possible.

Schedule Annual Maintenance on Your Boiler

Get your boiler serviced before it gets too late in the fall. An annual service, even if there was nothing wrong with your boiler the last time you used it, can help to keep small problems from turning into big ones. That can save you money and make sure your boiler functions the right way when you actually need.

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