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Know the Different Coil Types in an AC

You’ve likely heard about your AC’s coils and how important they are to your system’s efficiency. What do they do? How do you care for them? There are two different coil types, which together form your system’s refrigeration cycle. Here’s how these different coil types work.

Evaporator Coil

Your system’s refrigerant takes two forms: liquid and gas. The refrigerant enters your evaporator coil in liquid form. The liquid starts out under high pressure, but as it enters the coil, it passes through the expansion valve, relieving that pressure and making the refrigerant very cold.

The evaporator’s job is to turn that liquid into a gas. As liquid becomes gas, it absorbs heat, and since it’s so cold, it can absorb quite a bit of it. The heat the refrigerant absorbs comes from the surrounding air, cooling it down before it flows through your home.

Over time, your evaporator coil accumulates dirt and debris, which can cause it to function less efficiently. However, your HVAC technician will perform any required cleaning during your annual maintenance visit.

Condenser Coil

When the gaseous refrigerant leaves your evaporator coil, it enters the compressor, which puts it under tremendous pressure. A hot, high-pressure gas then enters your condenser, whose job it is to eliminate that heat and turn the refrigerant back into a liquid. In an AC, the excess heat is vented off into the outdoor air. In a heat pump, it can instead be used to heat the air that circulates through your home.

Like the evaporator, your HVAC technician can clean your condenser coil during your annual maintenance visit. However, depending on where you live and where the unit is positioned, the coil may get dirty more frequently. To maintain efficiency, you may need to periodically clean the coil yourself with a hose, a coil brush, and a basic, all-purpose cleaner. Talk to your HVAC technician to find out how best to keep both your coil types running efficiently.

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