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Common Signs of Low Refrigerant in Your A/C

There’s nothing like running your A/C on a hot day. Only no matter how long it runs, your house isn’t getting cool. What’s wrong? One possible problem is that your system could be low on refrigerant. Here are four potential signs of low refrigerant, and what you can do about it.

My House Isn’t Cooling Down

It may seem obvious, but the first sign that your coolant is low is that your house still isn’t cool when you run your system. Check the air coming from your vents. Does it feel tepid and lukewarm? That means it’s not being cooled properly.

High Energy Bills

Look at your latest bill. Is it higher than it should be, even for the summer? If your house isn’t reaching your desired temperature, that means your A/C has to work harder and run longer in order to compensate. This can end up driving your energy bills through the roof, and wearing out your system in the process.

 The A/C is Making a Hissing Noise

High energy bills and uncomfortably warm rooms can be caused by a number of things besides low refrigerant. However, if you hear a hissing or bubbling noise coming from the A/C, it’s virtually a sure sign that there’s a refrigerant problem. The sound means the pressure in the refrigerant line is being released, and coolant is leaking out.

There is Ice Buildup on the Coil

Another thing that happens when the pressure is released from your refrigerant line is that the evaporator coil gets very cold. Over time, it freezes the moisture in surrounding air, causing ice buildup on and around the coil.

If you do find, or at least suspect, that your A/C’s refrigerant is low, don’t try to fix it yourself! Call your HVAC technician. Not only will they recharge your refrigerant, they can determine if there’s a leak or other cause behind the loss and recommend a solution. That way, your system can continue to run properly, keeping your house comfortable and your energy bills manageable.

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