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Keep Rust Out of Hot Water Tanks with These Helpful Tips

Rust in hot water tanks can make for an unpleasant shower or bath experience, but the damage that can be caused by rust is a more pressing concern. Knowing how rust forms in hot water tanks gives you the opportunity to maintain the preventative measures your HVAC professional takes to keep the tank in your Calgary home safe from rust.

Sources of Rust in Hot Water Tanks

Rust in hot water tanks may seem natural because water and metal are constantly in contact, but the anode rod in the tank should prevent this from happening. Anode rods are made of either aluminum, magnesium or zinc to ensure the rod rusts before the steel lining of your tank does. Intentional corrosion on the rod prevents the lining from rusting, but homeowners who aren’t diligent about replacing this rod will eventually run into problems down the road.

Anode rods have a useful life of about five years. Homeowners should keep note of when their rod needs to be replaced to avoid rust problems. Replacing the rod is a complicated process, which is briefly outlined below. It’s best to leave this process to a professional to ensure it’s completed using the most effective and efficient method possible.

  • First, you should ensure that there’s no power going to your water heater or any adjoining components.
  • Then, remove the bolt that holds the anode rod in place.
  • Replace the rod with a new anode rod. The size of your rod depends on the water heater, so it’s important to take note of the make and model of your heater.
  • Finally, turn the power to your water heater and the adjoining components back on.

If you’re concerned about rust in your hot water tanks, it’s important to consult with a professional. Contact Calgary HVAC company Arpi’s Industries, Ltd. to schedule an appointment today.

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