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Is It Time To Replace Your Old Furnace?

When you pay attention to the overall condition of your furnace, you can determine when it is time to consider replacing it. First and foremost, we recommend having your furnace checked each year by a certified technician to make sure it is running properly. Regular maintenance, along with changing the furnace filter, will help your furnace last longer.

Furnaces that are starting to break down will not heat the home evenly. If you start to notice that some rooms are colder than they used to be while others are simultaneously hotter, then your furnace may not be able to push air like it used to.

Sometimes it can be something as simple as time that determines when a furnace needs to be replaced. When a furnace reaches 15 years of age, for instance, things can suddenly go wrong that will leave your family in the cold.

You may hear some people refer to knocking and grinding noises coming from the ductwork as the character of the house. In reality, those sounds could be an indication that it is time to have the furnace replaced. If you have a gas furnace and you hear a loud banging noise when the furnace turns on, then your blowers could be failing. That situation requires immediate attention as it could become dangerous.

When you do determine that it is time to replace your furnace, consider getting a condensing furnace for maximum energy efficiency. Condensing furnaces are, on average, 90 percent efficient and can pay for themselves in energy savings over time. Ask us which replacement furnace would be right for your home.

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