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The Importance of Boiler Maintenance in the Fall

If you rely on a boiler for heating your Calgary home, keeping it well maintained can give you peace of mind that your family will enjoy a cozy, comfortable home throughout the coming winter months. Scheduling professional boiler maintenance in the fall offers a number of additional benefits, including:

Energy Savings

Keeping your boiler properly maintained can help prevent a host of potential issues that make it work harder and erode its energy efficiency, such as leaks, sediment build up in the tank, dirty burners, and corrosion. When the boiler is running at peak efficiency, it uses less energy to heat your home, which saves you money on your monthly utility bills.

Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs

Since a preventive maintenance visit gives your technician an opportunity to find any developing issues early on, you can get them fixed promptly before they escalate and cause an equipment breakdown. This lets you avoid a loss of home heating in the middle of the winter, as well as costly, unexpected repair bills or a premature equipment failure and expensive replacement.

Protection Against Safety Hazards

Properly maintaining your boiler can keep your family safe from possible exposure to hazardous byproducts of incomplete combustion, like lethal carbon monoxide gas. A fall system checkup can identify and correct any issues with key components like the safety relief valve, heat exchanger, thermostat, pressure/temperature gauge, circulating pump, fuel burners, low water cutoff control, and venting system, so your heating system stays running safely and reliably.

Longer Equipment Lifespan

During a fall boiler maintenance appointment, your technician completes a long list of tasks in order to tune up, clean and test the functionality of all the moving parts and critical components. This preventive care not only helps your heating system stay in top condition so it runs reliably and efficiently, but it can also add years to your boiler’s expected service life compared to equipment that’s not maintained.

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