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HVAC Comfort Solutions You Should Be Thankful for

If you’re ready to upgrade your older HVAC equipment, you now have an opportunity to select features that offer the latest in home comfort solutions. Investing to a new system with the following features can not only bring you greater comfort, but you’ll also gain other benefits like cleaner indoor air and energy savings too.

Programmable Thermostat

Switching to a programmable thermostat can help you save energy without compromising your comfort. Just be sure to choose one that best matches your weekly routine. After it’s installed, you can learn how to program it to make automatic temperature setbacks to curb energy consumption at night, and during the day if you’re away at work.

Variable-Speed Air Handler

These air handlers automatically adjust their speed according to your heating and cooling needs. They run on low about 75 percent of the time so they save energy. The blower cycles for longer periods too, so you gain better air filtration and humidity control, and experience fewer temperature fluctuations.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

It can be difficult to maintain healthy indoor air quality during our cold Alberta winters without wasting energy. A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is the ideal solution for energy-wise controlled air exchange because it draws any heat out of your stale air before venting it outside.

Fan-Only Switch

With this switch on your HVAC system, you can use the blower fan strictly for air circulation at night and during the shoulder seasons when heating or cooling isn’t needed.

Two-Speed Compressor

Two-speed compressors typically operate on the lower speed setting about 80 percent of their run time, so they use less energy. On those rare hot days when full capacity is needed, the compressor ramps up to high automatically, so your comfort won’t suffer.

Automatic Fan Delay

An automatic delay feature on the air handler keeps the blower running for a few seconds longer than the heating or cooling equipment. This helps clear out all the remaining conditioned air from the ducts so none is wasted.

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