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How to Decrease the AC Strain on Your Unit This Summer

A family maintains their air conditioner and enjoys a cool home all summerWith the coming summer, your AC will more than likely see more use due to the hot weather. Due to this increased use, AC strain is a danger, as it is very easy to overwork your AC when trying to keep cool. As strain can lead to damage, breakdowns, and repairs, you want to keep your AC in good working condition. Here are three tips to reduce AC strain this summer.

Three Ways to Decrease AC Strain This Summer

  1. Check Air Filters. Increased use can cause your AC’s air filters to become clogged more quickly and require more frequent changes. Clogged filters block airflow and cause your AC to work far harder than it needs to. Regular checks and filter changes help prevent issues with airflow.
  2. Insulation. Drafts and air leaks are an issue in the summer just like they are in the winter. Without proper insulation, cold air escapes your home and warm air seeps in. This leads to your AC working longer and harder, increasing AC strain. Having good insulation keeps the cold air where you want it: in your home.
  3. Circulation. Improved circulation in your home spreads the colder air around your home, keeping temperatures more consistent and preventing hot spots. Ceiling fans improve circulation by pushing colder air downward, thus keeping the room cool and the air circulating throughout the room.

When You Need the Best in HVAC Service and Care

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