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Why Is Your Home Experiencing Reduced Airflow?

Keeping your home comfortable relies on clear airflow throughout your home’s AC system. Various issues can cause reduced airflow, and depending on the cause and severity of the problem, solutions can vary. Here are four common causes of reduced airflow.

1. Duct Leaks. A leak can cause air to escape, reducing overall airflow throughout your home. A leak doesn’t have to be large to cause issues, and such leaks can be difficult to locate. Depending on the age and condition of your home’s ducts, replacement may be required to stop a leak. 

2. Duct Blockages. If there are blockages anywhere in your home’s duct system, airflow will be negatively impacted. Duct blockages can range from an accumulation of dust and the use of old filters to more severe issues such as a wild animal or a pest infestation. Duct cleaning requires the correct tools and knowledge and should always be handled by a professional
3. Vent Damage or Blockages. Your vents are a common cause of airflow problems. This can be due to the vent being closed by accident or being blocked by something, such as a piece of furniture. If your vent does not stay open or becomes stuck, it may need repair or replacement
4. Damper Valves Are Closed or Damaged. A damper valve is a type of valve found in your home’s AC system, and it controls airflow; many homes have automatic damper valves controlled by your thermostat. If these valves are closed or malfunctioning, they can restrict airflow. Such issues can be difficult to repair and should be left to an HVAC expert. 
Final Thoughts
Reduced airflow causes more than just discomfort. The lack of consistent airflow can cause moisture to collect in your home’s ducts, resulting in mold and mildew. Reduced airflow also reduces your ability to remove pollutants, irritants, and allergens from your home. If your home is suffering from airflow issues, contact Arpi’s Industries Ltd. to see how we can help. Proudly serving residents of Calgary and surrounding communities, we can help keep your AC system running efficiently and effectively.
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