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How Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work?

How Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work?If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s thermostat, you’ll be tempted to purchase a Wi-Fi thermostat. Also called “smart” thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostats take the regulation of household temperature to a new level. To understand how these high-tech thermostats operate, it helps to understand how a programmable thermostat works, since Wi-Fi thermostats have full programmability in addition to other features and assets.

With a programmable thermostat, you can make sure that your home is never heated or cooled more or less than you need it to be, as commonly occurs with manual thermostats that rely upon humans to adjust temperatures up and down. You can program energy-saving temperature changes ahead of time, based on your expected schedule. This means your house can stay a bit cooler while you’re at work or asleep in the winter, and a bit warmer during these times in the summer.

Many Wi-Fi thermostats feature seven-day programming, meaning you can set a different program for each day of the week. The first generation of programmable thermostats often were limited to the same program every day, which didn’t really help much on the weekends.

But even with seven-day programming, what happens if you change your schedule? With a Wi-Fi thermostat, the wireless capability allows you to change the programming on the fly, either from a smartphone, tablet or computer, as long as it has an Internet connection. So if you’re running late at work, and know you’ll be two or three hours late on a frigid January evening, you can signal the thermostat to hold off on heating up the house till you get home. There’s no reason to spend money heating an empty house.

Wi-Fi thermostats have other features, as well, such as air filter change alerts, notifications if humidity control needs to be adjusted, and even energy-use reports. Many smart thermostats come with adaptive technology, which allows the device to “learn” your preferences and tendencies, minimizing the need for human intervention.

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