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Home Ventilation: Why You’ll Benefit From An HRV

Home Ventilation: Why You'll Benefit From An HRVThanks to new construction practices and energy-efficient home improvements designed to ensure HVAC efficiency and energy savings, today’s homes are so airtight that it’s vital to provide some form of home ventilation. Without it, you’ll likely notice stuffier air, and you might even begin to suffer from allergies

One effective means of ventilation is to have a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) installed in your home. HRVs are cost-effective, and they provide a means to supply fresh incoming air and exhaust polluted air. Here’s how they work:

  • A dedicated fan works to move outdoor air inside.
  • Another fan draws indoor air and moves it outside.
  • The two streams of air never mix, but the HRV will draw heat energy from the air to either preheat or precool the incoming air. For example, heat is taken from incoming air and exhausted outside during the summer; in the winter, heat is taken from outgoing air to preheat incoming air.

While other home ventilation systems will utilize supply and exhaust air to improve indoor air circulation, HRVs offer a key advantage through their preheating abilities. In this way, you can recover up to 80 percent of the energy in the air, which will help to offset the costs of running the system.

If you already have a forced-air HVAC system in your home, an HRV can be installed to work with your existing ductwork. If you don’t have ductwork, you can have a dedicated duct system installed alongside the HRV.

If you’re unsure of whether your home needs ventilation, there are a few surefire signs that indicate you’ll benefit from an HRV:

  • Your windows fog up in the winter.
  • You’ve noticed condensation causing damage to window frames or walls.
  • You have a newly constructed house (an HRV will remove moisture from construction).
  • Your home has a large number of occupants.
  • Your home has high levels of insulation and is tightly sealed.
  • You keep doors closed often.
  • Your home has occupants who suffer from respiratory issues.

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