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Have You Checked Your Furnace for the Season?

When the temperatures start to drop outside, you’re going to soon need your furnace to maintain comfort in your Calgary home. If you haven’t checked the heating system as yet, follow these tips so you have peace of mind that it’s working at maximum efficiency and there are no reliability or safety concerns.

Put in a Fresh Furnace Filter

When the filter is clean, there’s less worry that airflow restrictions can erode your heating efficiency. To maintain good airflow all winter, examine the furnace filter monthly and change it when you see debris accumulating, or at least every three months.

Schedule Professional Preventive Maintenance

Before you fire up the heating system, have an experienced pro inspect, clean and tune it up. During a maintenance appointment, a technician completes many critically-important tasks like inspecting the condition of the heat exchanger, cleaning/lubricating the blower unit, cleaning the fuel burner, tightening all the electrical connections, checking the safety controls, and testing the thermostat for proper function and accuracy.

Make Thermostat Programming Adjustments

If any seasonal adjustments are needed in your thermostat programming, now’s the time to make the changes. If you haven’t upgraded to a programmable thermostat, have your technician install one so you can program in energy-saving temperature setbacks based on your daily routine.

Maintain the Air Registers

Remove all of the register covers and wipe them clean, then use the vacuum to suction out any dirt and debris as far as possible into the ducting. When you’re replacing the covers, make sure the louvres are fully open and check that nothing is obstructing airflow at the registers.

Clean the Exhaust Flue

Have an experienced sweep clean the flue to get rid of any accumulated soot and check for anything that might cause a blockage, like bird nesting materials, broken branches, or dead leaves. When it’s clean and free of obstructions, there’s less risk that furnace exhaust fumes containing deadly carbon monoxide gas can’t escape.

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