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Furnace Installation Due? Consider Adding These Features, and Other Extras

Furnace Installation Due? Consider Adding These Features, and Other ExtrasIf you are looking to maximize your new furnace’s performance and safety, there are a variety of add-ons that you can install with it. Depending on what you put in, you can experience benefits like greater comfort, smaller energy bills and safer function.

Air filters. Look into replacing the standard flat-panel air filters that your system comes with. There are better filter options like pleated filters, or you can even put in a more advanced filtration system if you’d like to. The benefit of doing so is an increase in efficiency and air quality improvement.

A whole-house humidifier. An important thing to do after installing a new furnace is to check the humidity levels of your home. The way furnaces heat air can also diminish humidity, which could make your home less comfortable. A whole-house humidifier can be installed to raise the humidity a bit for greater comfort.

Programmable thermostat. One of the best ways to minimize overuse and energy waste with your heating system is to use a programmable thermostat. You can optimize the heating in your home by scheduling your system to run only when needed.

Furnace zoning. One creative way to minimize energy waste is by putting in zoning during a furnace installation. A zoning system will let you have more input into how much heat is sent to different parts of your home. This will let you send the perfect amount of heat to rooms you use often, while saving money by heating the other rooms less.

If you’ve recently installed a new furnace in your Calgary home, or are planning a furnace installation in the future, and are interested in add-ons for your system, contact Arpi’s Industries Ltd.

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