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Finding Water Leaks Immediately Will Save You Trouble Down the Line

Finding Water Leaks Immediately Will Save You Trouble Down the LineLeaking water in your home can be a serious problem. In fact, water leaks can do serious structural damage to your home that might even force you to move out and take on a massive renovation project if you aren’t careful. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore finding water leaks for a short period of time. Don’t count yourself among that group. Use these tips to help you find leaking water in your home before it can do any damage that’s going to cost you money that could stay in the bank.

  • Use your water meter to check for leaks before they become an issue. To do this, turn all of the water off in your home and don’t let automatic appliances like dishwashers run. Mark the reading on your water meter down and wait 15 minutes without turning on any water at all. If the reading has moved after 15 minutes, you have a water leak somewhere in your home.
  • Walk around your home and inspect fixtures and walls near pipes. Any sign of discoloration is likely a leaking pipe or faucet that you can’t see. Make sure you inspect pipes under cabinets as well.
  • Periodically check your toilet fixtures for leaks by removing the lid on the back of the tank and listening closely for any sort of hissing sound. A hissing sound means that your toilet is leaking and you need to find the source of the problem. You can also add food coloring to the tank, wait a few minutes and see if there is coloring in the bowl to see if there’s a flapper problem.
  • Get a regular inspection for your plumbing. Most homeowners don’t think to do this, but your pipes and water heater need maintenance too. A simple annual service call can save you a lot of problems if it helps you avoid a serious leak down the road.

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