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Common Water Pressure Problems

Common Water Pressure ProblemsAre you living with water pressure problems in your Calgary home? If so, you should know that you don’t have to just make do because most water pressure issues can be solved. And, you might even be able to correct the problem yourself. Here are some common underlying causes of low pressure in home water supplies and helpful advice on what you can do to get your problem resolved.

Insufficient Pressure at Specific Fixtures

If the flow is poor only at certain faucets or showerheads, it may caused by a mineral scale buildup due to our hard water supply. This is an easy fix in most cases. Just remove the aerator or shower nozzle and let it soak in a 50—50 water/vinegar mixture overnight. Once the scale has dissolved, simply rinse the part and reinstall it. If doing this doesn’t correct the problem, try replacing the faucet aerator or showerhead.

Low Pressure Throughout the House

When there’s insufficient pressure at all of your plumbing fixtures, it may be that your main water valve is partially closed, so make sure it’s fully open. If that’s not the issue, call an experienced plumber for a professional diagnosis. There may be a slow leak in your home’s main line, or you may need to have a pressure booster added if the incoming supply pressure it too low. Other possible causes are a faulty reducing valve on the system, or a buildup of corrosion in your home’s aging galvanized pipes.

Poor Hot Water Pressure

If low pressure is a problem on just the hot water flow at every fixture, an extreme sediment buildup inside your water heater tank may be to blame. If the tank hasn’t been flushed in a long while, then the sediment that naturally forms as water is heated may be blocking the attached water lines, the drain valve and/or the T&P relief valve. Since such blockages can pose a safety hazard, it’s wise to have the tank serviced by an experienced plumbing pro.

For expert help solving low water pressure problems in your Calgary home, contact us at Arpi’s Industries, we can help troubleshoot problems or advise on plumbing upgrades.