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Benefits of a Wi-Fi Detector

Benefits of a Wi-Fi DetectorHomes just keep on getting smarter. The most up-to-date residences now have a smart TV, a smart alarm system and a smart thermostat, along with smart detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide. But that’s not all: what about a smart detector for water leaks in your pipes and fixtures? Welcome to the latest in the brave new world of Wi-Fi detectors.

Why Do You Need a Water Sensor?

If you’ve ever had a serious leak in your home, you understand the importance of early detection. Serious damage to the home can result when a pipe bursts, a water heater leaks or a dishwasher overflows. Water/leak sensors are relatively inexpensive ways to catch small problems before they become expensive disasters.

Smart home water sensors are generally powered by batteries, and are equipped with low-power wireless technology. The sensors connect to the central smart hub; the homeowner can then monitor the status of the device on a smart phone or tablet. If the sensor detects water, it sends an alert — either a text or push notification.

A variety of sensors are on the market, so it’s up to you to choose where you want yours installed, and what kind of technology works best in your home. Do you want your detector set up to work with your existing Wi-Fi network, or with its own, dedicated smart home hub? You’ll have a choice.

Types of Leak Detectors

Sensors may have additional features, such as a tilt sensor, temperature sensor, a light, a siren and the ability to automatically shut off a solenoid valve.

One popular detector uses a proprietary wireless system that treats the copper wires in your walls like antennas, while the moisture sensor, which also detects changes in temperature and humidity, reports on water emergencies as well as slow-leaking moisture that can develop into mold damage.

You can find sensors designed to monitor the water heater, basement pipes or the plumbing under your sink.

To find out which Wi-Fi detectors for water issues might work best in your home, contact Arpi’s Industries of Calgary.

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