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Benefits Of Annual Service Agreements

Maintenance agreements are valuable contracts that ensure your HVAC systems will be in peak operating condition even before the frigid weather descends on Calgary. Not only will you not be worrying about your system failing, but you will also be keeping your warranty protection alive and valid.

Without documented annual maintenance by qualified service technicians, your guarantee can become invalidated. Because Arpi’s is approved for warranty processing, we can keep you fully covered by your warranty agreement.

Annual maintenance agreements are more than necessary for warranty protection. They can actually save you money. Regular tune-ups and maintenance checks can keep your HVAC system running efficiently, actually saving you as much as 5%-10% in fuel in the course of a year. These inspections also identify potential problems within your heating and cooling system. Timely repairs can save costly replacements down the road.

Regularly kept maintenance agreements guarantee the longest life possible from your HVAC system. Studies show that well maintained equipment may have an extended life of 5-10 years. Because we are well aware of the financial investment involved, our comprehensive furnace check-ups are designed to protect and extend the use of your system for as long as possible.

Maintenance agreements are recommended by both insurance carriers and fire departments today because a clean, safe-running heating system represents less of a fire or carbon monoxide threat than one that is dirty or defective. Since you certainly don’t want to put yourself or your family in jeopardy, an annual maintenance check and cleaning is an inexpensive way to have peace of mind about being safe in your own home.

While different maintenance agreements offer different services, all offer at least 1 yearly check that may include changing or replacing filters if necessary. Some offer discounted parts and repairs. Most give priority service to those with this protection.

Having an up-to-date maintenance agreement just makes sense in every way. Be safe, be warm, be prepared, and be free from worry about dangers from malfunction, or gas leaks. Contact us to schedule your maintenance visit just in time for the cold weather ahead.

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