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Is a Zoning System Right for You?

When you think about it, one thermostat to control the air conditioning and heating for the entire home isn’t really that efficient. After all, your home’s rooms differ in their needs for heating and cooling, depending on size, how many windows there are, window size, the home’s orientation to the sun and other factors.

What if there was a way to control the temperature so that you could send the right amount of heating or cooling precisely where it needs to go? Fortunately, there is such a way and it’s called a zoning system.

How Zoned Systems Work

Zoned heating and cooling isn’t all that complicated. Without a zoned system, you are sending one command for an all-around temperature throughout the home when you set the thermostat. With a zoned system, there’s a thermostat for each zone, so that the occupant can set the temperature to please those in that part of the home.

The thermostats constantly monitor temperatures in each zone and send commands through a central control panel to the HVAC system to regulate the temperature by controlling dampers in the vents. The sensor-operated dampers open or close depending on how much conditioned air is needed.

Zoning System Benefits

Zoned systems help the homeowner save money on utility bills by heating and cooling zoned areas of the home as needed. If a particular zone is not occupied, you can turn the thermostat up or down and save energy. If someone in your home is sensitive to too much heat or cold, a zoned system allows that person to adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Zoned systems can also be of benefit under conditions such as these:

  • Cathedral ceiling
  • Inhabited space in attic or basement
  • Multi-story houses
  • Large windows
  • Living space over garage

Zoned systems also allow for less wear and tear on the HVAC. Your HVAC system should last much longer by not being programmed to attain a temperature set point for the entire house.

If you think a zoning system might be right for your home, contact Arpi’s Industries. We’ve served our Calgary customers for more than 50 years. 

Credit/Copyright Attribution: “geralt/Pixabay”