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You’ve Gotten Several Quotes for That HVAC Installation: Now What?

You've Gotten Several Quotes for That HVAC Installation: Now What? You’ve done your homework. You’ve researched your potential HVAC companies. You know they’re licensed, insured, and have the best references. Two or more companies have given you quotes for that HVAC installation you’re planning. They’re laid out across your dining room table. So now what do you do? Consider each of the following and their importance.

Experience and qualification. Hopefully you’ve already done this before you asked for a quote. But if you haven’t, now is the time to make sure that the companies you’re looking at are respectable, have been in business for some time, and can provide you qualified references. If the contractor threw out a quote without making an in-home inspection, you might want to set that quote aside.

The complete price. Do the quotes given to you include a detailed listing of everything that you’ll be charged for? Is duct sizing included? Is labor included? You want to know exactly what you’re expected to pay in the quotes for that HVAC installation. A quote is a bid, and the numbers might not be final, so that should also be taken into consideration.

Is the work guaranteed? Do the contractors who’ve left you quotes for that HVAC installation guarantee their work? Does the quote detail what steps they will take if there is a problem or you are not satisfied with the work?

Are the products and warranties indicated? Are each brand and model to be installed clearly identified? Does the contractor offer extended warranties and what maintenance services will be required to keep the warranty valid?

Knowing what to look for in quotes for that HVAC installation you’ve been planning will help you make the best choice for your home. Remember, though, cheaper isn’t always better; you get what you pay for. If your still not sure and want to ask a professional, contact us here at Arpi’s Industries Ltd. We enjoy the opportunity to be of service.

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