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Your Insulation Is Being Put To The Test Now: Check It

No matter how cold it is outside in Calgary, you deserve to be comfortable and safe at home. Insulation done properly will take care of this, plus keep you and your family happy at home in summer as well, while saving energy all year round. A well insulated home will keep your home comfortable for you and your family in any weather.

Things you can easily check on your own include the area around doors and windows. If a candle flickers when placed in front of a closed window or door, you may need to replace the caulk or get a new window/door.

To make certain you are getting the most from your home insulation, contact a local expert for an assessment. Make sure your new-home insulation is optimized. New homes may be so airtight that proper ventilation can be a problem. Indoor air must be fresh to keep your family healthy. Contact your experienced local HVAC contractor for an inspection, to make sure your system is properly adjusted for comfort and safety.

In an older home, your HVAC inspector can quickly and thoroughly check your home insulation and heating systems to make sure they are working together. If insulation is lacking in one part of the home, you are wasting energy. If insulation is trapping air in tight spaces and causing humidity to accumulate, you could end up with mold. If one part of the home feels too hot or another too cold, your HVAC can diagnose the problem and design a solution.

Arpi’s, has offered home comfort solutions in Calgary for almost 50 years. We’re trained, dedicated and focused on providing our customers with a safe, healthy and comfortable-in-all-seasons home. Our award-winning company will conduct a thorough, expert evaluation of your home. If problems exist, we can provide sound advice, affordable options and excellent service. Visit our informative blog for wide-ranging HVAC advice and sign up for a free in-home estimate for any services you’re considering.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).


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