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You Might Need An HVAC Contractor If You Have These Problems

Most of the time, your home will sail through the seasons without as much as a hiccup. It’s helpful to know, however, when a situation requires an HVAC contractor and who to call. If you see evidence of any of the problems below, you should call an expert as soon as possible:

Attic problems

Having the right insulation levels and efficiency is critical in your attic. Without it, you not only lose valuable heated air through the attic, but the potential for ice damming increases. Since it’s common to experience Chinooks in Calgary, those warm days can melt the snow on your roof, which leaks down to your eaves and gutters, and freezes when the temperatures dip again. The best defense against ice damming is to have effective attic insulation.

Additionally, if your home exhaust systems are directed into the attic space, it’s more likely to experience problems, as excess moisture can lead to wood rot and wet, ineffective insulation.

Furnace problems

A dirty furnace filter can lead to an inefficient furnace. It’s important that you change the filter regularly to ensure proper airflow for the furnace, as well as to keep pollutants out of your home’s air. Leaks in the ductwork can contribute to energy losses. If you haven’t had the ductwork evaluated recently, it’s important to do so now to ensure that they don’t waste energy all winter long.

Crawl space problems

The main contributors to problems in the crawl space are moisture and a lack of insulation. If the space is musty, you most likely have moisture problems. If it’s not insulated, you’re likely to lose a lot of heat over the winter.

While problematic situations in your home can often cause financial stress and discomfort, using a highly reputable and knowledgeable HVAC contractor can offer peace of mind.

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