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Winterizing Your Calgary Home

Fall has arrived here in Calgary, and we all know winter will be here soon, bringing snow, ice and high heating bills. High heating costs aren’t inevitable, however, and there are many simple ways to save energy and money during the colder months. Here are a few tips for winterizing your Calgary home:

  1. Get an energy evaluation. Most homeowners don’t know where to start when it comes to hunting down air leaks, so it’s better to save time and hire a professional. During a home energy audit, an inspector will look over every room in your home, sometimes using tools like a blower door test or thermographic cameras to locate air leaks. Following the audit, you’ll get a detailed list of problem areas and recommendations, which will give you a clear road map for needed improvements.
  2. Schedule a check-up for your furnace. Furnaces need routine maintenance to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and to lessen the chances of a heating emergency during the winter. Have your HVAC professional take a look at our furnace and perform any necessary adjustments before it gets colder.
  3. Locate and fix any air leaks. Drafts not only cause discomfort–they also make your heating system far less efficient. Make sure your home is sealed properly this winter by using caulk or spray-foam to seal leaks in windows or near fixtures. Weatherstripping is ideal for gaps under or around doors.
  4. Upgrade your insulation. Many homes lack insulation in important areas, especially attics and outside walls. If your attic needs insulation, you may be able to do the job yourself in an afternoon, but insulating walls is more difficult and may require the assistance of a professional.
  5. Check the air ducts. Duct leaks can waste a lot of energy and put strain on your HVAC system. Make sure your ducts are tight to keep the house warm and cozy, and save money.

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