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Winter Safety Precautions for Your Calgary Home

Now that autumn is fading and winter weather is settling in, it’s wise to take precautions to avoid damage to your home and keep your family safe from hazards like carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Following these winter home safety tips can help you stay snug and secure during the cold months ahead.

Schedule Heating System Maintenance

Have an experienced HVAC pro inspect, clean and tune up your heating system to ensure it’s operating safely and reliably this winter. Some of the safety-related tasks a technician performs include checking the integrity of the heat exchanger, cleaning and adjusting the burner, testing the system’s safety controls, inspecting the wiring, and tightening the electrical connections.

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

CO gas is a byproduct of incomplete fuel combustion, and since it has no odour, taste or colour, you won’t know it’s present unless your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. To make sure these lifesaving devices are able to sound an alarm when needed, test them monthly, and if you haven’t done so in the past six months, replace the batteries. To ensure your safety, replace any device that doesn’t beep when tested.

Tidy Up Around the Furnace

Clear away any stored items from around the furnace that are flammable or might restrict airflow, and move any combustibles like charcoal lighter fluid, paint thinner, and aerosol cans to a ventilated area well away from the furnace.

Have the Flue Inspected and Cleaned

Hire a professional to inspect the flue or chimney for obstructions and sweep out any accumulated soot and debris so that hazardous furnace combustion fumes can vent properly.

Protect Vulnerable Plumbing Pipes Against Freezing

To avoid the mess and damage caused by frozen, ruptured water pipes, shut off and drain the line to your outdoor faucet, then install an insulated cover. To protect water lines running through uninsulated areas like the garage or attic, install foam pipe insulation sleeves or wrap the pipes with self-regulating electric heat tape.

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